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Waste Audits


What is a Waste Audit?

A waste audit is a comprehensive analysis of waste material generated at a facility. It provides businesses with a detailed understanding of their waste and recycling streams. Existing problem areas are identified, as well as new opportunities for recycling.

What is involved in a Waste Audit?

A waste audit involves three main steps. During the pre-audit meeting, current waste management practices and policies are discussed, and a facility tour is undertaken. The material sorting phase involves physically separating the collected waste and recycling into commodity categories on-site. Waste and recycling stream materials are labeled and sorted according to their point of origin.  In phase three of a waste audit, data is analyzed and a detailed report is generated. Data summary charts, tables and photographs, conclusions and recommendations are included.

Who needs a Waste Audit?

Facilities that wish to maximize the reduction, reuse and recycling of waste material, and minimize the costs of waste management will benefit from participation in a waste audit.

 Why have a Waste Audit performed?

  • To gain a clear, precise understanding of the waste currently being generated.
  • To identify existing problem areas.
  • To identify new opportunities for recycling.
  • To gain an understanding of the amount of recyclables in the waste.
  • To assist in diverting recyclable materials from the waste stream.
  • To decrease overall waste management costs.
  • To assist in improving capture ratios and diversion rates.
  • To promote a positive, proactive, environmentally conscientious image.
  • To contribute to ISO 14001 documentation.